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Nature Library has received requests from videographers from around the planet asking
if we'd be interested in representing them. We were both honored and flattered. If you are
interested in seeing your digital video (DV) footage for sale here on, the
simple steps mentioned below will help you achieve your goal.

Step 1:
Send us your DV footage in QuickTime format (.mov files preferred) on a CD-ROM or
DVD to this address*:

Nature Library
c/o George Oliver
46 Alexandra Rd
New Zealand 6003

*(submissions will not be returned)

Step 2:
Notify us that your footage is on it's way so we can be on the lookout for it.

Step 3:
Wait for us to get back to you with a reply...and we WILL get back to you in a timely fashion
one way or another.

Should your video footage fit within our mission statement and meet our criteria of offering high
quality raw scenic nature footage and wildlife shots, we will be in touch to discuss further details.

We will consider footage in either NTSC or PAL format so don't let that stop you.

Nature Library offers a 50-50 split on footage from outside represented videographers. Payments
would be made quarterly via PayPal.

Nature Video, Royalty Free Stock Footage
Come on inside and have a look around. The video clip you see playing above represents a sample of the stock footage Nature Library has available

Our collection of footage grows with time so if you do not see what you are looking for, please do check back from time to time and have another look.
Free Video Downloads:
Nature Library is offering a FREE clip every couple of weeks. These stock footage video clips are available for immediate download. Follow this link for your FREE download.
New Additions:
Added Galapagos stock footage from partner videographer Carlo Ferraro.

Added Amazon stock footage from partner videographer Carlo Ferraro.

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Added Antarctica footage with video clips of Orca Whales, Emperor Penguins and icebergs. Have a look.

Total Clips in Database: 666

Nature Video, Royalty Free Stock Footage
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