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Since the Nature Library team is small and constantly traveling in
search of new footage, mobility outweighs necessity in this fast paced world
Should you need to contact us for any reason, the quickest and easiest way
is to simply submit your inquiry here:

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Nature Video, Royalty Free Stock Footage
Come on inside and have a look around. The video clip you see playing above represents a sample of the stock footage Nature Library has available

Our collection of footage grows with time so if you do not see what you are looking for, please do check back from time to time and have another look.
Free Video Downloads:
Nature Library is offering a FREE clip every couple of weeks. These stock footage video clips are available for immediate download. Follow this link for your FREE download.
New Additions:
Added Galapagos stock footage from partner videographer Carlo Ferraro.

Added Amazon stock footage from partner videographer Carlo Ferraro.

Stabilizing video clips & why it's a good thing. Learn more..

How to Download QuickTime Movies from your web browser.
Learn more..

Added Antarctica footage with video clips of Orca Whales, Emperor Penguins and icebergs. Have a look.

Total Clips in Database: 666

Our Office:

Nature Video, Royalty Free Stock Footage
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