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"I am trying to start a small, home based business and I certainly can not afford $500 and more for clips. So I really appreciate your footage. It's amazing how the internet really does bring your business "global"!
- Kathy Poyer

"I was very fortunate to find a site like Nature Library, as there are so many choices of beautiful, excellent quality motion scenes. I received my disc right away, and am extremely satisfied with what I have been able to accomplish with the Nature Library nature clips."
- Lora Grimley, owner of Photografx (Specialty DVD's)

"Just wanted to let you know that the footage we ordered arrived today and it looks great, it's just what I was looking for. And it arrived very fast!
Looking forward to doing business with you again.
-Anna Newburn, Everblue Media, LLC
Exceeding your Expectations, but NOT your budget :
toll free: 866-533-9055

"I really appreciate all your help. You have provided a top quality customer service. :)
Thank you."
- Anonymity requested

"Thanks for your quick and helpful response. I don't think I've ever encountered such service from web vendors. As a small business owner, I deal with web vendors all of the time. The quality of your product and the impeccable service you provide represent an extraordinary value. Thank-you."
- Stephen J. Swenson, Chief Technical Officer
Ocean State Technology Corp.

"You're awesome for going through the trouble to investigate the issue!
You're proof that good customer service is alive and well!
I swear you have given me the best internet customer service I have EVER recieved! You'd swear I spent $2000 and not $20. Thanks!

- BushWak Entertainment

Nature Video, Royalty Free Stock Footage
Come on inside and have a look around. The video clip you see playing above represents a sample of the stock footage Nature Library has available

Our collection of footage grows with time so if you do not see what you are looking for, please do check back from time to time and have another look.
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Nature Library is offering a FREE clip every couple of weeks. These stock footage video clips are available for immediate download. Follow this link for your FREE download.
New Additions:
Added Galapagos stock footage from partner videographer Carlo Ferraro.

Added Amazon stock footage from partner videographer Carlo Ferraro.

Stabilizing video clips & why it's a good thing. Learn more..

How to Download QuickTime Movies from your web browser.
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Added Antarctica footage with video clips of Orca Whales, Emperor Penguins and icebergs. Have a look.

Total Clips in Database: 666

Nature Video, Royalty Free Stock Footage
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